When it comes to the kind of incredible savings we offer as an expert in Northern Virginia property management, working with the professionals just makes sound business sense!

When you consider how affordable our pricing is here at Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA, you’ll be even more impressed with the property management services we provide for single-family homes and multi-family properties in the Northern Virginia area.

Value target

Our goal as your Rent Estate™ Advisor is to provide you with a way to increase your real estate investment profits and minimize stress and expense that’s a natural part of running successful rental properties in the Northern Virginia rental market.

However, to truly understand what we offer to the property owners we serve, you have to consider the area costs of lesser property management providers first.

Understanding NoVA Property Management Costs

Most property management companies operate off of a percentage of your monthly rent, with additional fees tacked on here and there. At Renters Warehouse, we operate off of a flat rate with transparent pricing provided directly on our site that describes the exact services you’ll receive. You’ll never have to guess what to expect from us as your Northern Virginia property management company.

Our Plan

Our plan costs just $129 per month. This plan provides you with many benefits as a rental property owner in the NoVA area, including:

This plan provides you with a great deal of the most commonly needed services for that rent range. You can always pay for some additional services as needed (like a home warranty repair management service or property condition survey), but for the most part, this is right where you want to be as a property owner for the price.

However, you’re not limited to our Standard Plan as a property owner if you’d like additional services!

How Much Do Competitors Charge for Property Management Services?

So with our pricing laid bare, how much does the competition charge? It’s hard to tell because many Northern Virginia property management companies do not provide a breakdown of their costs this easily. In some cases, these costs are not clearly explained until you have a contract in your hand or a concern you need to manage.

Another concern is the lack of services offered by so-called ‘full-service property management’! It’s often hard to find a company to manage all of your marketing on an ongoing basis. The value of the marketing strategy development we offer alone is over $400. That includes outreach through hundreds of websites.

Other companies also tend to charge additional fees for some of the services we offer as an inclusion in your plan pricing. That includes renter background checks, additional inspection fees, and a charge for professional photography. Other times, they do not include account setup or online portal management in their pricing structure until it comes time to set up your account. Some local teams even charge a fee to deposit your rental payments into your bank account!

What about the warranties and coverage that they offer? We offer a Tenant Placement Warranty guaranteeing the renters we’ve selected for you are the right ones for your Northern Virginia rental property. That gives you peace of mind. If a renter defaults for any reason, we will cover tenant placement services for you without additional charges. Can the competition offer that kind of coverage? It’s all part of our dedication to property owners here at Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA.

Are You Ready to Work With a Professional?

Many of our competitors can’t offer these kinds of guarantees and level of property management services because they lack experience. That’s the last kind of help you need when trying to run a successful property portfolio.

When it comes time to decide who you’ll work with to protect your most valuable assets, know that we have you covered. Let the professional Rent Estate™ Advisors at Renters Warehouse put our experience in the NoVA area to work for you. 

Are you ready to grow? Access the insights in our Guide to Growing Your Portfolio With Northern Virginia Property Management to help you develop your strategy and build more long-term wealth.